Google Photos Guide

Use a Google Photos Live Album to More Easily Share Pictures of your Kids or Pets

Are there certain people in your life who would love to see ALL of the pictures of your kids or pets as they are added to your Google Photos library? Google Photos Live albums can automatically share photos/videos of people and pets that you add to your library with friends and family members you designate.

Create a Photo Book Quickly Using Google Photos

Immortalizing the past in the tangible form of a photo book is a meaningful way to share your memories with the people who mean the most to you. Google Photos offers one of the most affordable and easy to use options for creating a photo book that we’ve personally used.

Storing Photos and Videos for Free in Google Photos — High Quality vs. Original Quality

There are two ways to upload your photos and videos to Google Photos, High quality and Original quality. The High quality setting reduces the file sizes of photos if they exceed 16MP and videos if they exceed 1080p. The Original quality settings stores your photos and videos at the original quality that they were taken.

How to Get the Photos on Your Hard Drive in Google Photos — Back Up and Sync

We think Google’s simple and easy to use app, Backup and Sync, is the best way to get the photos and videos on your computer or external hard drive into your Google Photos library.